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Civl War: The Fallout, "The Death of Captain America?"

Tuesday I made the mistake of reading Civil War: The Initiative #1 before I read Captain America #25. On the synopsis page it mentioned the assassination of Captain America. What? Did I misread Civil War #7? A few pages later Ms. Marvel tells Spider-Woman that Cap wasn’t dead. He was hidden on The Raft where people were trying to save his life. Okay, no big deal.

Then I read Captain America #25. What another great read from Ed Brubaker. His Cap run has been one of the best ever. If you haven’t been reading it, you should check it out. I was a little upset that I already read The Initiative. There was no sting. I already knew that he wasn’t dead.

Side Note: Marvel, please return to the practice of putting little blurbs in comics that warn us, “Don’t read this until you read that?”

So when the phone calls and emails started Wednesday morning, I would laugh and respond, “Am I the only one who read The Initiative?” Cap clearly isn’t dead.

I didn’t realize he actually was dead (for now at least) until the news coverage started. At first I thought it was a blown out of proportion press release. Then I watched the Joe Quesada interviews on CNN and ABC.

CLICK HERE to watch the CNN story.

CLICK HERE to watch the ABC story.

I gotta say, I really like what Quesada has done at Marvel. He gets a lot of crap, but he has been a great catalyst for the mainstreaming and maturing of the comic genre. I agree with what he said in the CNN interview. Death does have some meaning in the Marvel Universe now.

As usual, the bitching has begun. Fanboys everywhere are screaming, “This is just a publicity stunt.” Of course it is! All good storylines are. Who would read comics or watch TV shows or movies without them? I know no one stay’s dead in comics—nor should they. Not only have most of our heroes been around longer than us, they will still be fighting long after we are gone. To keep this stuff fresh, things like “dying” have to happen.

So do yourself a favor and quit whining. Yeah right, you’re going to quit reading comics. You’ve said it before. Why don’t you let yourself enjoy it? Have some fun. When they do bring Cap back, you can bitch again, buy it again, and love it again. Just like you did with the return of Hal Jordan and Colossus.

So enough of the kisses and hugs...

WHY THE HELL DID THIS NOT HAPPEN IN CIVIL WAR #7! The whole comic world went crazy with the boring anticlimactic ending of Civil War. If you’re going to kill Captain Freaking America, make it the ending of the biggest story in recent history. That would have been awesome.

I feel better now that I got that out of my system.

So tell me your thoughts. What do you think is going to happen? What do you think should happen?

I have a strong feeling that The Punisher will be Captain America for awhile. If you remember, in Civil War #7 he picked up Cap’s cowl. If done right, this could be cool. I’m sure Bucky (I mean, The Winter Soldier) will chase him around fighting for Cap’s mantle. It would have the whole Azrael is Batman vibe.

Check back every week to get my right opinion on the ongoing saga. I promise to wait until Thursday morning. This will give you a chance to read the comics first. It should be a lot of fun.


Hey, one more thing. I am going to a screening of Frank Miller’s 300 tonight night. Check here Friday and I will let you know if it is worth your eight bucks.


Anonymous axio said...

What is insane is that CA#25 is already going for almost $250 on eBay: Speculators are price gouging like no one's business.

1:02 PM, March 08, 2007  
Blogger Jim said...

The speculator market is just fun to watch. This is like Superman #75 with a smaller print run. Once Cap comes back in a year or so it should be fun to see how much they are going for on e-bay then.

Nice blog and I agree, for those hating this, read the story it was well done.

5:09 PM, March 08, 2007  
Anonymous Smarch said...

Comics, Wrestling & Soap Operas, all work on the same basis, starta a story arc complete it open ended (to return to it later), then move on to the next arc. Eventually Cap will return, which is sad as I am a fan, and as Joe Q said they don't want the death to be meaningless which it will be if and when he returns. But I think you have hit the nail on the head about The Punisher picking up the mantel, looking at the Marvel site and the issues being released over the next few months it is pretty clear that this is what The Punisher books are leading towards.

6:26 PM, March 08, 2007  
Blogger 1 Right Opinion Comics said...


I know what you mean. This is ridiculous. We sold out of all of our copies at cover price. I pissed some people off because I would only let them buy one of each cover. I'm all for people making money, but I refuse to let someone I have never seen before buy 20 copies to sell on eBay.


Now if I can get more...that's a different story;>

6:38 PM, March 08, 2007  
Blogger 1 Right Opinion Comics said...


Yeah, I got into the business when the Death of Superman went down. There was no eBay at the time, and we had a line going out to the street all day long. At one point we were buying them for $75.00 and selling them for $100.00.

I hope that the publishers keep the focus on the good stories. The Death of Superman story was great. But it also kicked off one of the worst times in the comic market.


6:42 PM, March 08, 2007  
Blogger 1 Right Opinion Comics said...


I agree totally except if comics were as crappy as soap operas, I wouldn't read them.

The Punisher thing will be interesting. If Steve Rogers represented America of the past, what does Frank Castle say about America today? At least in the eyes of Marvel.


7:25 PM, March 08, 2007  
Blogger 1 Right Opinion Comics said...


I have been informed that Marvel had a huge over printing of Captain America #25.

There will be 60,000 first printing copies on the shelves this Wednesday.

Don't let your store (or eBay) screw you.


10:15 PM, March 08, 2007  
Blogger Christopher Moonlight said...

Joe Q rocks, to be sure. As it stands right now, Marvels worst book is still better then DC's best.

12:26 AM, March 09, 2007  
Anonymous Carlo said...

Oh... Punisher... Poor man. Got it quaked %)

1:09 AM, March 22, 2008  
Blogger Parka said...

The second panel on Captain American is hilarious.

7:24 AM, October 10, 2008  

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