Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Finally, A JLA Movie! "Wonder Twin Powers... Activate!"

It was 46 years ago that The Justice League of America first appeared in The Brave and Bold #28. Almost immediately, fans started fantasizing about the movie. Well our prayers have been answered, and we have the success of “X-Men: The Last Stand,” to thank for it.

An insider tells me, Warner executives are tired of Marvel making more successful movies than DC. After the last X-Men movie, they green lit the JLA movie. After much searching, they hired Kieran and Michele Mulroney to write the script. Kieran is best known for writing the screenplay for “Mr. & Mrs. Smith.”

In 2002 Warner began developing a Batman vs. Superman movie. I have been told the director—Wolfgang Peterson—quit the project to make "Troy" after much frustration. Warner shopped for a new director and finally buried the idea with the success of both “Batman Begins” and “Superman Returns.”

Currently, all three members of the “Holy Trinity” of the JLA have movies in the works:

The new Batman movie, “The Dark Knight,” will again star Christian Bale. My sources tell me that Frank Miller, not Chris Nolan, may be directing the movie. Heath Leger (A Knight’s Tale) will play the Joker. (keep the Brokeback Batman jokes to yourself). Aaron Eckhart (Thank You for Smoking) will play Harvey Dent/Two Face. It is also rumored that Maggie Gyllenhaal (Sherri Baby) will play Rachel Dawes instead of Katie Holmes. (You would think after having L Ron Hubbard’s baby, Tom would let her out of the dungeon.)

The new Superman movie, “Superman: The Man of Steel,” will again star Brandon Routh and be directed by Brian Singer. The movie would have been shelved if not for its international success. Executives are demanding a shorter more action packed movie. I am told that we should expect several villains.

The Wonder Woman movie’s release date has been moved to 2009. Joss Whedon is no longer the director. I have been told that he was pissed that Wonder Woman had a crappy origin and fought shitty villains. Eva Green (Casino Royale) is presently the favorite to play the Amazon princess.

With these members of the Justice League already on the big screen, will the same actors play the heroes? Do we want a JLA movie with different actors? I have already complained about Famke Janssen (Jean Grey) being cast as Bethany Cabe in the new Iron Man movie. Am I the only one who cares about continuity? In my right opinion, if an actor appears in the same “universe” as two different people, one of them better be a clone.

I’m also worried it may be tricky to make this movie believable. In a live action movie, it is difficult to make flying characters using heat rays and magic rings appear realistic. On top of that, there is going to be an equally powered group of villains. This is why we didn’t see much flying in the X-Men movies. With little effort, this movie could become a laughing stock.

Good or bad, we want the movie. You can’t get cheesier than the 1970’s Super Friends and they currently are some of my favorite DVDs. I can't wait!


Check out this fan created JLA Movie Trailer:

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